Stop Slut-Shaming, bro

Je suis super fière de vous inviter ce 31 MAI au Stop Slut-Shaming / Conférence-débat à la cité miroir 🔥

De 13h30 à 16h, j’illustrerai en Live une conférence-débat en présence de Coline de Senarclens, auteure suisse de l’essai « Salope ! », co-fondatrice des Slutwalks Genève.

Je suis plus qu’honorée de participer en tant qu’illustratrice au renforcement des libertés des femmes et de leur corps dans l’espace public et prendre part à un évènement qui confirmera ou apprendra que la sexualité d’une femme n’est ni une arme ni une excuse mais un droit magnifique dont elle doit jouir (ou non) sans complexe, partout et tout le temps sans le moindre critère. Il n’existe aucune salope, aucune jupe trop courte ou trop longue, aucune walk-of-shame.

Entrée gratuite et vidéo offerte
Inscription obligatoire
En ligne :
Par téléphone à la Famille Heureuse : 04 252 06 30 du lundi au vendredi entre 9 et 18h.
Bisous à tous et partagez beaucoup !

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Typologie non-exhaustive des liégeois qu’on déteste

En ce joli mois de mars, j’ai eu la chance d’illustrer u nouvel article pour les Boulettes à la Liégeoise.

Une dénonciation de nos comparses liégeois teintée de mauvaise foi et de snobisme, tout ce que j’aime.

Mamie raciste et son adoucissant OMO.


La famille Ingalls de la Batte.


Jean-Machin qui met des lunettes de soleil au Point de Vue.


L’ersatz clepto de Kylie Jenner au H&M.


Pour lire l’article c’est aussi ici, et pour tous les autres c’est . Ki$$

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La Saison de l’Amour

Dispo en porte clé sur demande.

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Mon Plus Beau Noël – Boulettes à la Liégeoise

Bonne année à vous !

Pour 2017, je dois dire que ma motivation me laisse pantoise. Je n’arrête pas de bosser !

Pour preuve, voici des illustrations réalisées le mois dernier.

Pour voir l’article en conditions réelles, c’est ici, chez les Boulettes à la Liégeoise :

Comes with a veggie version :

I hope you had nice Hollidays !

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The Wishlist Article!

Hi !

Maybe you saw on this blog that a couple of weeks ago I illustrated an article for the belgian blog

Boulettes à la Liégeoise (“Belgian Meatballs”), and I was pretty excited (CRAZY) about it.

Well, people, this week I’ve been asked to do it again.

The article was about 10 suggestions the team had to improve our – already – lovely city of Liège (Bubble tea, nap bars, pet friendly public pools, …).

Could I describe to you my pride ? Probably not. Could I tell you the joy I had while doing this job ?      I don’t think so. Could I stop askig rhetorical questions ? Yes.

So, without any further due, I invite you to click here to discover it (if you speak french or pretend it to look cool and clever) or to lazily scroll to see my drawings.

Have a pretty day !

Hollywood letters, because why not ?

Bubble Tea bars, cause other cities are mocking us.

Dogs-allowed public pools, because hygiene should never stop cuteness !

Well, coffee + rabbits. Do you really need a reason for this one ?

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The Tinder Article

Hi !

I recently illustrate an article for the Boulettes à la Liégeoise !

It was written by Jehanne Moll, awesome writer and sweet photographer, and tells about the horryfying profiles you can find in Tinder’s abysses.

Click on my drawing to read it (in french, SnS)

” Just matched you for free food “

” Promotion on self love – free shipping in 3km area * within the limits of available stock. “

” Like pictures of your kids will make me want to do you. “

” You should’ve put a dickpic as your PP “

See you guys !

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Our trip in France!

Prince Christopher and I went to France in August !

I finally did the vlog video \o/

It’s the first time I do this kind of thing… by my own. It’s not perfect and I cried a lot while Christopher helped me not to crush Premiere, but I love it.

Please forgive the lack of pixels, I did my best but I still have to learn some tricks.

Watch it in 720p and enjoy !

And, because I’m an awesome working girl – no – I also made a travel journal !

Here are all my drawings from this lovely trip !

You might recognize some of them in the video – which I think is pretty cool and interractive but no one

cares about my opinion anyway cause it’s a sad and cruel world 🙁

Don’t forget to leave a comment ! Just click on the title and let’s talk 🙂

Have great day,

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Hi ! Welcome to my brand new awesome super-cool website !

Let’s start this new adventure with you guys !

I feel so excited and proud.

Stay focus to follow all the content I will post here for the next century.

If you want to catch up what I was doing for the past four years, check out my old blog and all my social medias on the left.

Special thanks to my lover Prince Chistopher for his internet magician skills without whom I would never be able to create my own Neverland : (with puppies instead of kids).

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Hi ! My name is Mathilde Manka ! (yes, that's actually my name.) I'm a 21 years old illustrator who graduated art school in 2015. I currently live in the super duper cool city of Liège (Belgium) in a flat that looks exactly like this website. I carry the dream to be one day able to raise a little rescued dog who will be my best pal for ever cause he'll never die. Meanwhile, I draw my adventures in sketchbooks, try to eat fruits everyday, drink coffee quite often (never after 7 p.m), watch Casey's vlog religiously, make farts jokes (based on actual farts, mostly) & work really hard to provide as a freelance illustrator.

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