I started recording my life trough sketchbooks in 2012, during my first year in art school, when I was 17. 


It very quickly became an habit even if sometimes filling a sketchbook can take only a month… or almost a year, depending on my mood. It's really important for me to always buy the same size and brand, so they're only different from what's inside. #SoDeep


When a sketchbook is done, I write the month and the year on the back, I paint the side of the pages with special color and I put it on a shelf, with his brothers and sisters.


What's really interesting with sketchbooks, it's that I keep a temporal and chronological trace of who I was at a specific time of my life and what my style looked like back then (even if it's painful to look at). That's why I decided with (almost) no shame to put my prehistoric sketchbooks next to the most recent ones. I feel important to show the journey of my drawing style, the work and the time behind what I do today. Also, what I'm not proud of anymore (at all) was really important to me at the time. I see that as a kind of respect.


And, let's be honest, it's quite funny.



Hi ! My name is Mathilde Manka ! (yes, that's actually my name.) I'm a 21 years old illustrator who graduated art school in 2015. I currently live in the super duper cool city of Liège (Belgium) in a flat that looks exactly like this website. I carry the dream to be one day able to raise a little rescued dog who will be my best pal for ever cause he'll never die. Meanwhile, I draw my adventures in sketchbooks, try to eat fruits everyday, drink coffee quite often (never after 7 p.m), watch Casey's vlog religiously, make farts jokes (based on actual farts, mostly) & work really hard to provide as a freelance illustrator. Thanks for stopping by on my beloved website. Treat yourself and feel free to explore !