The Wishlist Article!

Hi !

Maybe you saw on this blog that a couple of weeks ago I illustrated an article for the belgian blog

Boulettes à la Liégeoise (“Belgian Meatballs”), and I was pretty excited (CRAZY) about it.

Well, people, this week I’ve been asked to do it again.

The article was about 10 suggestions the team had to improve our – already – lovely city of Liège (Bubble tea, nap bars, pet friendly public pools, …).

Could I describe to you my pride ? Probably not. Could I tell you the joy I had while doing this job ?      I don’t think so. Could I stop askig rhetorical questions ? Yes.

So, without any further due, I invite you to click here to discover it (if you speak french or pretend it to look cool and clever) or to lazily scroll to see my drawings.

Have a pretty day !

Hollywood letters, because why not ?

Bubble Tea bars, cause other cities are mocking us.

Dogs-allowed public pools, because hygiene should never stop cuteness !

Well, coffee + rabbits. Do you really need a reason for this one ?

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